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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Day Three of 40 Days for Freedom

It has been a long day Three of 40 Days for Freedom, much of it quite lovely though exhausting, and I'm squeaking in just under the wire. I'm making this post because it speaks to why 40 Days for Freedom is so important. What actually does happen if people just walk away? What if people say, No, I will not participate any longer? What if we close ourselves off from each other?

When I think of the work we are asking God to prepare us for, that is it. That we will say Yes! That we will continue to engage and hope and struggle through these difficult times, these times that so many find so dark. We know, wherever our Lord is, darkness is not dark to him, the night is as bright as rhe day. The question is, will we share that fact with those who don't know? With those who are growing more and more despondent?

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