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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Among Us

I've been ill most of today but eventually felt up to checking my email and found one asking me to take a survey which involved reading some comments on a discussion forum. It seemsed harmless enough so I gave it a whirl and quickly paged through the comments only to encounter one that made me stop and realize it was time to begin to say some of the things that have come up for me during 40 Days for Freedom. What follows is the email that I wrote as a result. (NOTE: ital = quotes from Ms. Newman's site; bold = issues that stood out for me.)

We must accept that worshipping God in holiness and righteousness in this unique place is both a political* as well as spiritual issue because we are both citizens of a particular state and of the Kingdom of Heaven. Just as we cannot separate our bodies and souls, we cannot choose between our citizenship in both earth and the Kingdom of Heaven. As long as we live on earth and follow Christ, we will be citizens of both. And here, in this particular place, of all the places on earth, God has given us the grace to worship Him freely. And that matters! To us, personally and also to the world as a whole.

In a world convinced that He has forgotten us, a world filled with despair, the USA proclaims that the Kingdom of Heaven is actually coming into being. We are a visible, physical place that others long for because they long for freedom but true freedom is following Christ and only here can we even begin to follow Him with our bodies and minds and souls. Here, in this place, we can be evidence that Christ's freedom is real. Not perfectly - it's still earth - but perhaps just enough.

* Political: of citizens or the state, civil, civic


Dear Ms. Newman -

I'm concerned about some of the things I've read on your site and wanted to bring them to your attention (in no particular order).

I ask my minority friends, how do you think that $318 million dollars could have improved your life in East St. Louis? I stand before you, to ask for your vote and support in this election — not your money — just your VOTE on November 2, 2010. The Democrats have USED YOUR SUPPORT TO STAY IN POWER AND ENRICH THEMSELVES AT YOUR EXPENSE, while at the same time, allowing your living conditions to continue to get worse. Is there ANY WAY I could POSSIBLY do less for you that the Democrats have done for you in the last 30 years?

One of the biggest problems that exists in US govt is this doing things for us. Americans are supposed to be a self-governing, self-supporting people who do things for themselves at the local level and send representatives to State & Local Assembles/Congress/the White House/etc to serve us. The service is limited by the US and State Constitutions. The worst thing any politician can do is tell us that he/she is going to do things for us.

The America of today is not the America of my childhood. Our problems have become more complicated, and our ability to solve them has diminished markedly. Our country needs NEW leaders. The culture of corruption that has taken over our nation’s Capitol is a threat to all of us. Honesty and integrity in government has gone by the wayside as our elected officials serve only those with money to spend, and who can buy whatever they want from our legislators and leave the rest of us to pay the bill.

WE are the ones who are paying the outrageous taxes brought on by the exceedingly poor management of our tax dollars. Government waste has gone far beyond outrageous. Government corruption is a rotting, bloated cow that will poison all of us if we do nothing and IT MUST STOP!! The trillions of dollars that are being wasted, spent on bailouts, bailouts that were opposed by the voters who were IGNORED by our so-called REPRESENTATIVES, have put our country in terrible jeopardy.

It should be against the law to vote on a bill that you have not read. Would you personally sign a contract that you yourself have not read? No, of course not!! Why then, should it be OK to vote on a bill, representing your constituents, that you haven’t read, that will spend millions, if not billions of OUR tax money? That’s not representation, that’s malfeasance of office ... and JERRY COSTELLO SUPPORTED THE BAILOUT AND VOTED FOR IT!!

We will never have the America of our childhoods but the founding fathers gave us (all the citizens of the US) the tools to solve the problems we face. Again, it's not a matter of leadership because we lead ourselves. It's a matter of doing it on the local level and govt is involved as little as possible. It's not that our tax $$ have been badly spent, it's not even the failure to read the bills (though that's important), it's that we are being taxed on every level and govt thinks it can take from us whenever it pleases. Representatives/servants, on the other hand, do the job they've taken on and must really convince us to allow them to spend any of our money. we need no new leaders but willing servants/representatives. With leaders, we have people telling us what to do. With reps/servants, we determine what to do.

What do you think is going to happen to us when the COMMUNIST CHINESE stop buying our debt? Think about that for just a minute

I wish politicians would think about this issue. I wish they would also realize that if they get out of the way, Americans can figure out ways to pay down the debt and go from being a borrowing nation to one that lends. The same is true about healthcare - we can figure it out.

Overall, we need the minimum amount of govt interference. We need reps/servants who will actually work on dismantling the Unconstitutional megalith our govt has become. We need to return responsibility to the states, enforce our immigration laws and control our borders, support our friends and stand up to our enemies and be clear on which is which - we need to realize that the country that came into being because we wanted to worship God in freedom still exists and be that country.

I am looking for reps/servants to support for 2010 throughout the country. I will give my $$ to those who convince me that they will actually represent me. I haven't got a great deal but there are many like me and together, we've got the ability to take this country back. If you want our support, please take a good look at the language you use (we will believe what you say - we've been taught that lesson well) and most importantly, discover what we actually want. Your site, while discussing some very important issues, represents more nanny govt. We're adults. We do it for ourselves. We'd be proud to help you serve us if that's the job you believe you've been given. But take an honest assessment of yourself: if you're a do-gooder with a plan or even just the determination to fix things for us, please don't run. Too many of those in office today began that way. We don't need more. I'll be following your campaign.

Drusilla Barron

PS - I'll have Pt II of Abby Johnson's story in a day or two. God bless.

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