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Friday, November 20, 2009

Now Thank We All Our God

I believe that our prayers and sacrifices are making a difference. I believe that our elected representatives are speaking up and representing us. I believe we have reason to hope. I believe we are doing the work necessary to become citizens who thank God first:

Fallen Sparrow & I had lunch w/ a mutual friend today. FS & I said let's say grace & our friend was pleasantly surprised and joined us in saying grace at a public restaurant in front of all those people. Perhaps he'll suggest grace next time and get into the habit of saying grace at every meal.

What if we do that next? What if we say grace before every meal whether in public or private (but especially in public)? I understand that might be difficult for some who have business meals but it still might be possible. And if it is possible, if we can be a nucleus of people who encourage others to thank God by thanking Him ourselves, wouldn't that be lovely?

What do you all think?

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Anonymous said...

I think you're right -I think prayer and sacrifice is making a difference. As for Grace, the Native Americans before us always thanked the Great Spirit for providing food and all, then thanked the critters for giving their lives for man's strength. We find it cool if its acceptably cultural, geeky if not. But actually, very few folks find publicly-said Grace to be geeky or tacky. We've done it for years wherever we are, quietly but visibly. Everyone likes it. Our granddaughter introduced it into her snack time at nursery school -- she'd been horrified to find they didn't pray before juice and cookies! The kids loved it --the teachers didn't mind. Did they bring it home with them? I dunno. But why not.

A great idea, Drusilla. Thankfulness.