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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Day Six of 40 Days for Freedom - More Questions

Henry asks, "How can we who claim to love Christ not love what He loves?" That's my question too. And, like any five year-old, I have more questions:

Is it coincidence that so many groups of people came to this country to worship God freely? Is it a coincidence that Maryland was founded by Catholics who wanted to worship God freely? Is it a coincidence that Rhode Island and Pennsylvania and Massachucetts and New Jersey - in fact the original thirteen colonies were settled as "plantations of religion" or "holy experiments" or by entrpreneurs who worked to promote the prosperity of the church? Was the Holy Spirit doing something? Was God perhaps bringing His children together for some purpose? And if so, as their heirs, have we any responsibilities today?

Perhaps I should just ask the obvious question: does Christ love our nation?* And if so, are we required to love what He loves?

In this video, Rep. Foxx speaks of reasons for us to be afraid. I'm not suggesting we should be afraid of anything except the damnation of our souls. I do ask, does this matter to us as Christians? Does it matter in terms of loving what Christ loves?

* This question is not asking, does Christ only love our nation and no other? Nor is it suggesting that if Christ loves our nation then we never commit sins or make mistakes or foul things up. It's simply asking if Christ loves our nation.

** I'm off to DC because Pelosi's HC bill is more than a tax hike. It's a means to distribute death and suffering amongst us all. Pray for me. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

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