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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Query for Day Five of Forty Days for Freedom

I have a serious query: How can we hope to love the City of God if we don't love and cherish this city, where God has placed us now? Is it even necessary to love and cherish this city? Is loving and cherishing this city incompatible with longing for the City of God?

I'd love any answers, reflections, thoughts, ideas on this. There is the question Jesus asks, if we are not faithful in small matters how can we be faithful in large? Is that applicable?

Thanks for pondering this question with me.

PS - I'm heading down to DC tomorrow to join Thursday's peaceful protest against the Pelosi HC "reform" bill. Please pray for me, particularly since it's been a rough two weeks: searching for a new roommate and not feeling at all well. But I think, if I can make it, I must.

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Henry said...

Dear Drusilla,

I love your questions and my answer to all of them is simply: How can we who claim to love Christ not love what He loves?

I will continue to pray for you!

In Christ,