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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Reality God Has Given Us

I'm still around but I've been ill a lot & busy - I really am moving to TX and though I'm doing very little packing, those who are helping need to ask me lots of questions. The nice thing about being ill is that I can usually make the call about whether something goes or stays without worrying about emotional attachments - I'm too tired to be emotional about much.

There are of course many things that take precedence over my health or moving. Some of those things involve our nation. This is one of them and if completed, will affect every user of the internet: conversation about our Catholic faith is just as much a target as the right to exercise freedom of speech on political matters.

We must respond to these continued attacks on our liberties. We must stand up and be counted as citizens of the country where God has placed us. Many might long for another time and place and I so understand that. But we must also accept that God has placed here in this place, at this time. The question then becomes, what are we called to do in the reality God has given us? Each of us must ask and answer that question.