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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day Two of Forty Days for Freedom

This clip is important whether or not one political. In fact, I don't see any difference between the political and spiritual. The spiritual warfare we fight has been on the physical plain since the Garden and was consumated on the Cross. We battle powers and principalities who use wicked men and women to kill infants and the sick and elderly, who use wicked men and women to try to take from us our freedom to worship God in holiness and righteousness.

So I recommend this clip and if you feel so moved, join us in Washington, DC this Thursday, Nov. 5th at noon. Wouldn't it be awesome if a group of us descended on the Capitol and prayed for our nation and for ourselves, that we might cherish the gift that God has given us, that He might heal us. If I'm well enough, I'll be there.

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