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Friday, October 30, 2009

Day One of Forty Days

It is my intent to post each day for the next forty days. Today, I have been writing a post on prayer but can't get it ready before the end of the day. I may not like the feel of it but I must obey reality as much as everyone else. My joints aren't at all happy and I am terribly, terribly tired. God tends to take as He please from me, so perhaps this is the way He wants me to spend day one.*

Oh, and for those who haven't done so, I want to recommend my post on hope. Enduring, I'll stick with you no matter where you take me sort of hope is what we need.

Meanwhile know that I am praying and fasting and soon, resting for the remainder of the day. We'll see what tomorrow brings. God bless us all.

*It's certainly my pleasure and my honour that God does so. I belong to Him, what else would I want?


Sibyl said...

Dear Drusilla,

Because I also feel a burden for our nation (and Christ's church) I am joining you in this fast.

My focus may not be as political as yours, because I see this as a spiritual battle and repentance as one of the primary weapons, if not the first line of weaponry that must be utilized before any other. Certainly in my life, it has preceded any victory.

I will ask the Lord to guide and mediate and anoint any action that is taken and for protection over us as we pray and act. I like to use the Scriptures as prayers, because they are powerful and perfectly aligned with God's will.

The Lord has drawn me to the book of Isaiah (see chapter 31:8-9 and to Micah chapter 5 and to the story of David and Goliath as well as Psalm 2, particularly the last verse.

The evil powers have assailed the Church and all nations, but Jesus is The Lord. There is no greater power.

May the Lord Jesus Christ, King, Lord, Messiah, be honored and praised. Amen

Drusilla said...

Dear Sibyl -

Welcome! I agree that we are engaged in a spiritual battle and that we are called to return to the Lord. I also believe that we have been lazy. We've been given the only country on earth where we may worship God freely and we have neither tended nor cherished God's gift.

Evil has assailed all nations and where are we? Are we still the nation where people come to worship God in peace? Do we even care to be? Are we still the nation that will fight evil? Do we even care to be?

We stand at the crossroads of history and the only question is, will we be with Christ or against Him. We answer that question in what we do more so than in what we say or think or feel. Sometimes returning to the Lord is standing up and saying, "No, you may not pass a healthcare bill that will allow you to kill babies, kill the sick and elderly, and take away our God-given freedoms."