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Thursday, October 29, 2009

How Do We Even Begin to Decide Whom To Act As Our Representatives

So many Catholics and other Christians fail to interact in the public forum. But when power is vested in the citizens, the public forum is the primary place in which government occurs; we cannot expect a representative govenment to be responsive to us if we remain silent. And, we cannot expect a representative government to be responsive to us if we limit our interchange to those who are like us: those who belong to my faith, those who belong to my particular tradition within my faith. We can only keep the freedom to worship God if we actually participate across all levels of society. We must do real things in the real world such as speak our minds. The Internet is a powerful tool for doing so, if we know how to use it. So here's a question:

Poll: Would You Support Jim Demint for President if Nominated by the GOP in 2012?

Please vote based on what you know of Jim DeMint. If you don't know who Sen. DeMint is, here is his site site which includes videos of his speeches before the Senate and the press. Also, read his voting record (just scroll down). He's impressive on life issues and conservative issues in general.

Please click the link and vote yes or no. The poll is anonymous and is only being used amongst a few bloggers to determine the amount of support there is for Senator DeMint.

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