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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N Is For Nurse's Club

Maybe something happened, I suggested to my Friend as I trailed my hand across the frames of the huge cork boards. Why else would the nurse want me? I’m not sick… Am I? “Have a seat,” the school nurse pointed to the only empty chair in her office. “Now,” she smiled. “We’re all here.” I glanced at the two girls seated to my left and Charlotte, who had also skipped from fifth to seventh year, who sat on my right. “I want to invite you four to a join my club.” Club? I asked my Friend. “You four have all been moved ahead one or two grades. Until this year, you’ve had recess but now, there’s only lunch and you have little time to spend with other girls your age. So I thought we’d have a club, just for you. We’ll have lunch each week and do some things together.” Ours eyes widened. Our faces reflected each others smiles. “It’s important you have friends of your own age,” she handed each of us a sheet of paper. “This will explain the club to your parents. Have them sign it; we want to be able to take short field trips.” My heart fell into my stomach as we stood to leave. They won’t sign it, I told my Friend. The nurse placed her hand on my shoulder. Once the other girls had left, she gave me a little smile, “I’ve already spoken with your mother. She said she would sign your permission slip.”

My kite soared in the sky, a white diamond with an abstract red and blue collage spreading out from the center. “This reminds me of a painting at the museum,” I had told the nurse as I pasted ripped chunks of coloured tissue paper on a large white sheet. “It’s very interesting,” she smiled down at me. “You do have a lot going on in your head, don’t you?” I raised one shoulder, lifted one corner of my mouth. “A lot!” I mutely told my Friend. “They’re all flying,” I called out to the nurse as the five diamonds danced in the wind. Charlotte let out a loud, “Whoop!”

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