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Friday, April 11, 2014

G Is For Goldie

yellow mutti croppedCome here boy, I put the pan on the ground. The shaggy golden dog tilted it’s head to the side, cocked one ear and stared at me. Come on, I urged gently. This is for you. He slowly approached, grabbed a mouthful and skittered back. It’s okay, I won’t hurt you, I told him. You can be my dog. He moved back to the pan and began to eat. I stroked his fur. You need a bath, I told him and giggled. I told Charles I could catch you. He was trying to catch you with a piece of bread but I knew you’d like gravy. You’re a dog. I looked around quickly to be certain I was alone, Her gravy tastes like dog food.

We have a new dog! Charles and Ames greeted the man. We got him with gravy! Ames hopped up and down. Can we keep him? Can we keep him? Ames and Charles begged. Let’s see him, the man laughed. We gave him a bath and everything, Charles assured. I remained silent even though Charles and his brother lay claim to my work. The man examined the dog’s ears, eyes and teeth, He seems to be in good shape. He’ll need a visit to the vet and you boys will have to take care of him. The man nodded. But I think we can keep him. I want to name him! Ames hopped with delighted anticipation. I want to name him too, I mused ruefully and mutely to my Friend. I think we’ll call him Goldie, the man declared. He looks like a Goldie to me. Come here Goldie, the man held out a hand. Goldie walked over and licked it. The spring inside Ames suddenly stopped.

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