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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where Did Things Change?

I've been thinking a lot about where we went wrong. At what point did this country change? You can see it in the difference between the family comedies of the '50s, '60s and early '70s and those of the mid '70s and later. Even within the same program, where once children saying their prayers at bedtime was normal, suddenly it disappeared. In Nanny and the Professor, Phoebe Phigalilly nonchalantly told us her aunt was an evangelist and her work was love. Nanny and the Professor ended in 1972 and with it ended the casual nonchalance of Love as an actual force. We were reminded once again in Highway to Heaven and Touched by an Angel but in those two series, the nonchalance belonged mostly to the angels. I never watched Joan of Arcadia so I can't say anything about how God was presented as an intimate party in her life. I can say the program only lasted for two seasons and God as the unseen player, who creates miracles everyday in each of our lives doesn't make much of an appearance on TV or in our culture any longer.

Michael Moriarity has written an amazing piece, George Orwell's Biblical Prophecy that was published on Andrew Breitbart's, Big Government. He argues that Roe v. Wade was the turning point. Certainly much had occurred before that Supreme Court decision but it just may be that that case, which codified the slaughter of our own children, dealt our souls a mortal blow. We know Who can bring us back to life. The question is, are our hearts too fat, our ears too heavy, our eyes closed; so that we cannot see with our eyes, hear with our ears, and understand with our hearts, and be converted , and be healed? (cf. Isaiah 6:10)


inquirer said...

I used to watch Nanny and the Professor and I some of the others shows of the 60' like The Ghost and Miss? I forget the rest,

Maybe for some those shows were too corny, but I love them and I consider more appropiate for young minds than the present ones , which I find too adult for young minds,
like our youth jump from toddler into adulthood and what about childhoold and adolescence?

inquirer said...

I love these older show, and I am sad that now days, toddlers goes straight into adulthood missing childhood and adolescence