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Thursday, January 07, 2010

I've Removed The Ads

I'm at home in bed a lot, worrying about money too much, trying to do everything I've been given to do to care for myself and it's just not enough. Two people have helped me: one gift through this site and a loan from a friend and I am very grateful. But there's a big difference between a reguar paycheck and waiting for disability payments to begin or to be given permission to use money that belongs to you but isn't yet available due to some technical rules that make absolutely no sense and boil down to, we must be certain to cover our derrieres. It's rather maddening particularly when one is sick. But advertisements aren't the way to go.

I do ask your prayers, particularly for my financial situation. And I wish all the silly people making rules and more rules and more rules would just sit down and talk to people like me so that they'd know, what we need and how horrid it is to make things so much more difficult for people already facing so much.

If you have any say in the matter, don't get sick. Of course if that's what God brings, then I pray for the love and care, including practical care, you need to make it through. Sometimes I wish I was a sister or a nun in an infimary - it would be good to rest.

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Georgia said...

Please, dearest Holy Father,

Let thy daughter, Drusilla, peacefully, completely and warmly secure as little baby Jesus rests in the photo below, oblivious yet always knowing of the suffering and the shadow of the glorious Cross to come.

Hold her in thy loving arms, rock, comfort, sing over her, life-giving, love-embuing, truth-imparting words of joy and peace.

Let her know in every fibre of her being that she is Yours! That no one and nothing can snatch her out of your heart, mind, thoughts, hands. That you will not suffer the righteous to be shaken or removed from your love.

Help Drusilla to walk on water, to walk with hinds feet upon the heights without her foot slipping.

Fill her constantly and completely with the Holy Spirit, holy faith and all the fruits of thy good spirit...fill her eyes with thy beauty, her hands with thy purposes and inspirations, her heart with assurance and courage, her head with confidence, placing it above all her enemies.

Grant her stamina, power, strength as her mind and heart are anchored in you and through her sacrifices of thanksgiving, praise and joy.

Turn her captivity as she prays for friend and enemy alike. (Job 42:10)
Help her to be assured that she is under your constant attention...that your thoughts of her are innumerable.

Let her rest in you alone.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen