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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Please see Voting - Revisited.

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Brobdingnagian said...

Not only is the ability of the world to see those moral truths which proceed from what is visible in nature, there is a concerted, conscious, and openly discussed effort going on to erase and reprogram the human conscience.

Somehow, this subversion of natural law has become a main plank of what is known (feebly) as 'progressive' thinking.

One of the symptoms of this concerted effort is the phenomenon known as the "Euphemism Treadmill" these days, and in previous decades I believe we called it "bafflegab".

I see how easily an entire society can be bamboozled by doublespeak, and I am discouraged, and dismayed.

Last night I voted in the Canadian election. I did what I could do but it was without meaning, or effect, as far as I know.

Yet, it is important, I think, to stand and do what one can do.

There were no candidates in my riding that were willing to speak against the many grave moral evils that they might be expected to take a stand on. Instead, one gets a bunch of "same-same" candidates, who present bright, cheery faces that are completely out of touch with the moral reality of their duty as leaders in our country. The 'left' is full of morons and sycophants, and the right is full of cowards, here in Canada. To be a right wing politician in Canada is to believe in something without allowing it to affect your actions, or behaviour in any way. To be a left-wing politician is to believe in tolerance (for your own position) and dialog (with people who agree with you).

My own desire to live a life that is a visible witness to the Truth can only be strengthened by doing even the smallest and most futile of things; even that little action last night, of casting my one small ambivalent vote, meant something; I am still here, and even if nobody hears me, I will use my voice when I am given the chance. Perhaps if others will do the same, then things may change some day for the better.

Ultimately, however, I am certain that we are already on the winning side. Life, truth, and good will overcome death, lies, and evil.

All that is evil, corrupt and filthy will fall under its own weight, and Justice will have her day.

Nevertheless, the stalemate, the status quo has got me down today, I must admit.