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Monday, April 02, 2007


Thank you all for your prayers. The medical emergency has abated somewhat. I'm back at home, resting, I even went back to work for a few hours today because I need to save time off for whatever the future holds. I'd appreciate continued prayers; the autoimmune diseases which form part of my life seem to be taking an unpleasant turn. And I am very grateful to be part of the Body of Christ in this wonderful way.

God bless you all.



Anonymous said...

:-) Hey.

Keep talkin'.. but rest.

forget me not said...

Hugs. You're in my heart tonight.

reynor said...

May God bless you always. You are in my prayers.

forget me not said...

Happy Easter Drusilla. Hope you're feeling better.

Gabrielle said...

Dear Drusilla, I came over from fmn's. I hope you're getting better, and regaining some strength. I was thinking alot today, at work, about how wonderful it is that we can all reach out to each other with prayers and support; I was thinking about AutumnRose, and Laura, and now, yourself, and I was filled with gratitude for the way He has been arranging all of this.